The important health benefits of green vegetables


The best thing about these healthiest green vegetables that we have discovered above is that each of these vegetables offers vital nutrients that our body requires.

Here are some of the other benefits of eating these healthy and green vegetables and why it must be included in your everyday diet.

1. Improve vision
Do you remember Popeye wearing any specs? No, because Popeye’s vision was pretty strong. He used to consume spinach very often, and enjoy powerful vision. The green vegetables can prevent some of the diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal ailments and dryness of the eyes. The eyes have blood vessels, so the green vegetables also regulate the consistent blood circulation through these blood vessels.

2. Strengthening of bones
Green vegetables contain high calcium which is responsible for strengthening the bones. They also contain Vitamin K which helps in the production of osteocalcin. With age, the bones get weaker and then they require calcium supplements so that they can remain strong. If you include the green vegetables in your daily diet, then you can prevent certain diseases like osteoporosis and endocrine bone disease.

3. Improve brain power
Age-related disorders like Alzheimer’s, Amnesia, memory loss, a decline in cognitive functioning can be averted with the regular consumption of the rich green vegetables. They contain antioxidants and carotenoids which can prevent the free radicals to damage the brain cells. Vitamin B present in them can improve the concentration and memory.

4. Energy boosters
Vitamin C and iron present in the spinach and other green vegetables increase the metabolism in the body, the glucose is released into the bloodstream and you get a boost in the energy level. If you get fatigued and tired by the middle of the day, then the green vegetables are the best solution available at your disposal.

Quick and simple recipes with these healthy vegetables

Green vegetables do not only look beautiful but they can be cooked and consumed in many ways. You can enjoy them raw, boiled, cooked or fried. And here are a few quick and simple ways to eat these fresh, green and healthy vegetables.

The healthiest and simplest way to have them is to make a smoothie. You can make smoothies with spinach and lettuce, and drink the green juice in the early morning. You can add black pepper and salt to it for the taste.
If you are despicable of the smoothies, then you can cook them. There are various recipes with spinach, you can make Palak Paneer, a curry with spinach and potatoes, and also add spinach leaves in dishes like Pulses and Lentils and chicken. Spinach adds to the taste of the dish, and also gives a nice greenish color to the food.
You can enjoy some green vegetables like lettuce, bell peppers, with salads and sandwiches. Put some boiled chicken, cheddar cheese, lettuce, colorful bell peppers, onions, and there you go. Your delicious colorful sandwich is ready.
If you are making salads and want to enjoy the vegetables in raw form, then you can add some olive oil and pepper and rock salt to increase the taste of the dish.
One other the most common way to enjoy them is to cook them as a curry. Turmeric powder, chili powder, cumin powder, coriander leaves, the vegetables, salt, sugar to taste, and with all this you can make a mixed veg curry and enjoy it hot with rice or chapatti.

Over to you

The green vegetables are believed to be devoid of any side effects whatsoever. If you are having green vegetables regularly in your diet, then you can get rid of many diseases and ailments, without taking any pills and medicines.

The green vegetables can give you overall good health and not just in present, but also you will get to rip the benefits when you grow older. If you start consuming the vegetables, then you are sure to get the benefits, the organs, muscles, skin, and hair.

have you included any of these vegetables in your daily meal?

I would love to know about any other veggies you have included in your daily diet.

Eat healthily and be healthy.



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